Chelsea - Champions League vs FC Porto Champions League الثلاثاء, 09 نوفمبر 2015, 19:45

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Chelsea - Champions League vs FC Porto Champions League جرت: الثلاثاء, 09 نوفمبر 2015, 19:45, Stamford Bridge

* يرجى العلم بأن مباريات نهاية الأسبوع قد تتبدل من يوم السبت إلى يوم الأحد وبالعكس، كما أن مباريات منتصف الأسبوع قد تتبدل بين يومي الثلاثاء والأربعاء! قد تحدث هذه التغييرات بفترة إنذار قصيرة لذا نوصي بأخذ ذلك في الحسبان عند تخطيط رحلتك.
* عند شرائك التذاكر منّا فلن تجلس في مقعد بمفردك قط ولكنك ستجلس دائما مع أصدقائك.
* سوف تحصل دائما على تذاكر لمقاعد بين أنصار الفريق المضيف أو في منطقة محايدة وعليك بالتالي،

من المهم أن تقرأ أحكامنا وشروطنا قبل إكمال حجزك لدى تجد أدناه معلومات عن فئات المقاعد

لمعرفة المزيد اقرأ المزيد قبل إكمال حجزك

في ما يلي مزيد من المعلومات عن المقاعد وفئاتها في الملعب المقاعد التي يمكنك حجزها.

من إ.د 1015


West Stand Tickets includes:

* Upper tier long side seat location

* Superb view of pitch

* Under roof, weather protected

* Conventional paper tickets, supplied together always

* Home and neutral fans welcome

* Perfect for children and families 

* Stadium opens 2.5 hours before kick-off


West Stand and Tea Bar Tickets includes:

* Upgraded location in West Stand Upper Tier (long side location, block 2)

* Seat position between halfway line and edge of penalty box

* Tea Bar opens 3 hours prior to kick-off
* Located next door to Mega Store 

* Pre-match three-course table service served menu with choice of dishes per course

* Complimentary bar (beer, wine, soft drinks) served with pre-match meal

* Informal relaxed atmosphere, children and families are welcome

* Guaranteed table reservations

* Complimentary match program

* Team sheet

* Betting facilities

* Post match sandwich buffet and tea/coffee served in Tea Bar

* No strict dress code, although football shirts are not permitted

Short Side
* Regular short side seats in AWAY section
* No HOME team colors to be worn!



For Chelsea matches, we do sell West Stand Tickets included 2 nights(Saturday to Monday) or 3 nights(Friday to Monday) in one of the following hotels:

Royal National Hotel(**): Central London's largest hotel with 1630 rooms located near Russel Square. The rooms are basic but include all the necessary amenities. Free WiFi in the lobby. Breakfast is included in the price.

Kensington Close Hotel(****): Perfectly located near the shops of High Street Kensington. The hotel has a beautiful private garden, health club, spa and swimming pool. WiFi in all room(not free). Breakfast is included in the price.

Cumberland Hotel(****): Great hotel perfectly located near Oxford Street and Marble Arch. Cumberland is a modern and artsy hotel. Free WiFi at the hotel and in the rooms. Breakfast is included in the price.

Here you can book Twin rooms or Tripple Rooms.

Sometimes, but very seldom, we are advised that we need to change a hotel after the booking is confirmed. If this happens, we will always confirm a hotel of similar standard as the one you have booked, or better!

Your soccer tickets will be delivered to you when you check in at the hotel!

Like all booking of football tickets, you cannot change nor cancel football and hotel packages after you have confirmed and paid your booking!

معلومات عن مكان الغرض أو الحدث Stamford Bridge.

معلومات عن مكان الغرض أو الحدث
Stamford Bridge

مخطط المقاعد, Stamford Bridge مخطط المقاعد مخطط المقاعد Stamford Bridge


Fulham Road,
London, SW6 1HS
الخريطة, Stamford Bridge الخريطة

الخريطة, Stamford Bridge

Fulham Broadway - District Line

خطوط الحافلات
14، 211، 414

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